Wie du deinen Kleiderschrank besser und nicht größer machst? | Mehr erfahren

Wie du deinen Kleiderschrank besser und nicht größer machst? | Mehr erfahren

How we produce, ship & care

How we produce, ship & care

When we talk about all things products, our first goal is to be as transparent as possible.
Lack of transparency is sooo 2015. We want you to know where we produce, how we produce and what exciting steps we take next. As every other fashion brand, we are not perfect yet (who is?) but we make bold moves. We are determined to not only close the fashion loop but also do everything we can to be fully transparent with our supply chain, our production and work ethics.
Be part of our journey to a #CircularEconomy.

The How

Part of what makes the fashion industry so incredibly exciting is the way in which it continues to grow. However, the industry's high growth rates are only set to exacerbate the issue of mass overproduction within the industry. Fast fashion major players reported to be ‘sitting on a pile of no less than $4.3 billion worth of unsold inventory’ in 2018 alone, making it easy to see why fashion contributes to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions.

At SWEDISH FALL, we’re proud to have always been able to avoid overproduction altogether by using smarter trend prediction: We invite you, our community, to design collections with us. In the process, we eliminate overproduction by almost 100% by using our community data insights to place highly strategic inventory orders. We’ve eliminated the guessing game of fashion (of which hasn’t been challenged for decades) by predicting our community’s favorite products with surveys, quizzes and multiple other forms of feedback interaction, to constantly help shape the future of SWEDISH FALL. The best part? We give you a voice and in the process, creative license to design the kind of activewear that you want to wear every day, whether that be to workout or to hangout with friends. Check out one of our surveys here or stay tuned for new surveys.

Buy less, choose well,
make it last.

- Vivienne Westwood

The Who

Just good-looking products wasn’t enough for us after all. We want to go beyond our HQ walls and create products that are made to last and made be recycled. We needed suppliers for our premium activewear that are up to that challenge. Once we found these manufacturers, we knew it was a match and we were confident that they would be able to take this journey with us. Quality is everything to us, and we want to make sure we give you the best product at the best price that you could find.
These are our suppliers, that guarantee fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor.


Swedish Fall is coming home. VGETEX is one of our newest suppliers and is headquartered in Porto, Portugal. When we decided to shift our main production to Europe, we knew it was a match. We already visited the team of VGETEX back in 2018 where we introduced us as “a small brand that might have small units today, but will grow tremendously over the coming years.” When we first met the team, we spent several days touring a variety of excellent spinning and knitting facilities of VGETEX in Porto. In the beginning, our order quantities were too low, but now this factory took a chance on us for our first sustainable production run, and we are proud to partner with VGETEX that are as committed to sustainable development within our industry as we are.


Bless Garment

You may not know it, but a lot of the best manufacturers for performance fabrics are located overseas. We know - we looked. And found certified factories that are dedicated to people rather than profits, which is why we partnered with Bless Garment, bringing along with them values that have made them be a successful facility for premium activewear. This includes making sure every employee is treated with respect and paid a fair and living wage.

Established in 2017, Bless Garment is headquartered in Dongguan China, with a little more than 200 employees. Bless Garment specializes in high-quality sports clothing. Being transparent is at the top of our priorities, as is giving you as much information as possible - so here’s a breakdown of the key figures: The above-average salary of a worker is $1000 and includes regulated holiday periods and social security, free lunch and dinner every day. Fun fact: In an interview with our co-founder Silja, the sales manager Melissa couldn't stop mentioning the excellent food provided for this facility, encouraging us to take a try at our next visit.

Minghang Garment

Recently, we got introduced to Daryl from Minghang Garment, a factory based in Dongguan with 130 employees. Verified by the world-leading inspection company SGS, this factory specializes on yoga and sportswear with outstanding quality. Key figures: The above-average salary of an employee is 1015€ with a daily 8-hour shift. After work, the team of Minghang often organizes dinners, game nights or fun sing lessons together.



Eation Garment

When we approached Jessica from Eation Garment, we knew that we caught a big fish with a high minimum order quantity but it was worth giving it a shot. And we were lucky! Jessica's team was willing to support this journey and was eager to work with us even our average re-production volume of 300 pieces per product is considered to be very low. The factory of Eation Garment with more than 500 employees is situated in Dongguan and specializes in lifestyle and sportswear with OEKO-TEX certified safe dyes and stray fibers. In an interview Jessica told us that she was very proud of the team's very diligent work ethics. Eation has his own in-house design and quality control team and the average salary of an employee is $1250.


Established in recent 2013, a small team consisting of 20 people in operations & sales and 80 people in the production facility dedicated itself on R&D and the production of high-end sportswear. Verified by the world-leading inspection company SGS, the average salary of an employee at Aifashionbird is 1015€/month.



Final Round

This small factory is owned and operated by two Pakistani brothers, Faizan and Ahftab, who have been in the textile business since 2000. We approached the team of Final Round back in 2018 when we were still a tiny, tiny startup with an average order volume of less than 20 pieces per product. After their visit in Germany in 2018 and a few awesome meetings later, they made the impossible possible. Final Round focusses on a sustainable single-piece-flow production which means that since today we are able to order very few amounts of each product, color and size just enough to cover the demand. Not to mention all fibers are always OEKO Tex Standard 100 certified. Thanks to Final Round, we were able to grow at a tremendous speed without being pressured by a high order volume that could have put our small business (back then) at risk.

The Now and The Future

Together with our suppliers, we sourced materials that are vegan, cruelty-free with most of them being OEKO Tex Standard 100 certified. We are determined to reach our goal to #circulareconomy, so finding the right partners that have the same sustainable vision as us - and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint - is at the top of our priorities. This is why we already partnered up with advanced European factories & technology institutions with many more to join. Whilst our first step has been to educate our engaged community on the issue of fashion waste & to re-use your old clothing, our next operation is to integrate a supply chain that's 100% designed for a Circular Economy. Our short-term goal (2021-2022) will consist of making all our products out of recycled fibers. Our principal goal is to fully close the circle and therefore to produce our items out of predominantly fabrics made to be recycled (mixed material blends with a minimum of 30% polyester content with 10% tolerance for other fibers such as elastane). This is a challenge that we look forward to rising to in the most ecological and efficient way:


Closing the Loop

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